T Class Parts (H0)

PTS-1 Can Motor w/flywheels (T &48)
PTS-2 Metal Handrail set
PTS-3 Full Valance with parts
PTS-4 Complete Bogies side frames (4)

81/G/ BL current parts (H0 pre 2014)

P1201A 81 Power bogie W/motor
P1207 81 steps/brk wheel & M/UC
P1209C 1.5 volt light globes
P1210 81 Class coupler (pair)
P1211 Triple fan moulding
P1212A BL/G Power bogie W/motor
P1214A Power pick up strips
P1215 G/BL steps & M/UC
P1217 81 exhaust cover 
P1218S 81/BL/G Adaptors Grey (pr)
P1218Y 81/BL/G Adaptors Yellow (pr)
P1218O 81/BL/G Adaptors Orange (pr)
P1218G 81/BL/G Adaptors Green (pr)
P1224A 81 Class dual motor mech
P1232A Motor & worm gear (mk3)
P1290-2 SM/2 PCB for 81/BL/G
P1402 81 Class horns
P1403 G/BL Class Horns0 
P1404 Coupling screw & washer 
P1406 G/BL Headlights & light guides
P1407 81 Headlights & light guides


48/830 Class Locomotive parts & Accessories
(From the Classic Range)

P1232A Motor & worm gear (mk3)
P1233 wheel set, tyred 
P1234 Gear Set
P1235 Complete Mk1 mechanism
P1236 Power bogie frame & centre
P1237 Unpwd bogie frame & centre
P1238K 48 Class Kadee Adaptors Black
P1238R 48 Class Kadee Adaptor Red
P1238B 48 Class Kadee Adaptor Blue
P1239 Metal hand rails
P1240A Buffers & buffer plates
P1241 Plastic handrails (2)
P1243 Couplers (2)
P1244 Contact strip (2)
P1246 Window Insets
P1247 Motor housing
P1248 Horns (2)
P1249A Flettner vent (2)


Wheels & Tyres to fit 48 Class & 81/G/BL

P1206 Traction tyres
P1500 RP-25 Wheels blackened
P1501 RP-25 Wheels Nickel Plated


Couplings and Corridors

P1006 Corridor Connections (2)
P1007 Compact coupler (4)
P1007A Draft Box coupler (4)
P1007E NEM Coupler (4)


Note P1007 is the standard Powerline coupler, P1007A is made to fit US draft boxes similar
to No5 Kadee-Athern-Rounhouse-ConCor Walthers etc, and the P1007E is
made to fit the new NEM 362 Box as used on all new Freightline rolling stock
and on many European models.


Locomotive Bodies

LL-CL CL Class Body
NQR 48 Body NQR painted 48Cl
P48B Raw 48 Cl Body


Other Coach/freight parts

P1103 2BC (MHO/KB) Bogie
P1108 Plastic wheels/metal axle
P1108A Plastic wheels and axles
P1110 Coach window plugs
P1104E Freight Bogie
P1118G Commonwealth Bogies-grey
LLD-P439G VR Art Deco yellow decals
LLD-P439S VR Art Deco Silver decals


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