When did Powerline Models start?


Powerline Models Pty Ltd commenced business in 1986 in Blaxland New South Wales. The company was set up by its original owner Beverley Jones. Today Powerline Models Pty Ltd is still 100% Australian owned and operated.


What does Powerline Models Pty Ltd produce?


Powerline Models Pty Ltd produces ready to run Australian model trains. This includes train sets, locomotives, passenger carriages, freight wagons, accessories and spare parts. Since 1986 Powerline Models Pty Ltd has set the standard in RTR Australian HO model trains and now also produces a limited range of N Sale models as well.


Where is Powerline made?


Powerline product is made in Australia, Brazil, China, India and Taiwan. In Australia models are still made, assembled and packaged as well at overseas sourced product that is assembled, finished and packaged in Australia with Australian made materials and finished product.


Where is Powerline product available from?


Product produced by Powerline Models Pty Ltd is available in all good model, hobby and train shops across Australia. Please consult our shops listing for your nearest stockist. If you do not have a local Powerline Retailer, live in a remote area or if you live overseas orders amd retail purchases can be placed via this web site and Powerline Direct. You can also view and purchase Powerline product at various Model Train Exhibitions across Australia as Powerline Retailers and Powerline Models Pty Ltd attend numerous exhibitions every year. Use the shops link above for your local retailer.


What Track should I use?


The recommended HO Track to use is that track manufactured by ATLAS or PECO. For those new to the hobby, starting out or just building a layout code 100 is recommended.


What do Powerline products run on?


Models by Powerline operate on HO scale track just like most major brands around the world. For convention DC running the universal 12 volts DC sytem is used also like all major brands from around the world. Powerline product is compatible with most other brands that use 12 volts DC through the track and can be converted to DCC operation if that is what you want.


Conventional DC or DCC?


This is a personal choice as each system has its advantages and disadvantages but if you decide to go with DCC you should only select a system or brand that is NMRA DCC Complient. NMRA DCC Compatible is a compromise but NMRA DCC Complient is best with the choice systems being NCE, Digitrax, and Uhlenbrock.

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