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To keep up with news, production cycles, what was coming, what was available, what was in stock and what was selling out Poweline Models Pty Ltd started a club and a club newsletter called the Despatch. In the late 1990s the club dissolved and a new newsletter evolved called the Powerline Update. The Powerline Update also evolved, changed and developed. The Powerline Update included in its pages news, new productions, product availabilty, production dates and possibly delivery dates, technical information, information of interest, product history, product back ground, exhibition dates, exhibition reports and news of interest.


The Update is no longer published but it is our intention to catalogue and make available, where possible, all back issues on this Web page. Should you require further information or have an article or information you would wish to share we recommend Model Railways in Australia magazine published and printed in Australia by the Australian Exhibitions and Publications Co-operative Limited.


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For a listing and Retail Price list of available product please go to: http://www.powerline.com.au/pdfmenu/Pdlisting.pdf


Available Now:

Victorian VSX/VSF/VLEX/VLEY/VLNX Louvre Vans in VR

NSW BCH- Pre 1979 Open Coal Hoppers

NSW BWH- Pre 1979 Whheat Hoppers

NSW NGBF- Post 1979Wheat Hopper

NSW NHDA- Post 1979 Open Coal Hopper

Victorian VHBF-FA Wheat Hopper

Victorian T-Class.

NSW 48 Class in NSWGR Tuscan livery


Still to come

Victorian S-Cars, Carriages, in VR, Vic Rail, V/Line, WCR and VPC liveries

NSW 48-Class Locomotive in Candy.



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